Terms and conditions


The present “Terms and Conditions” are based on the Danish law ‘Lov om pakkerejser’. If there are any discrepancies between the law and these “Terms and Conditions”, it is the content of the “Terms and Conditions” that apply. “Terms and Conditions” are updated on the Senna & Co website, so the customer should check and review these updates regularly.

Senna & Co notes that all participants covered by “Terms and Conditions” will be referred to as “traveler / customer”. Likewise, all activities provided by Senna & Co will be termed “travel”. Finally, Senna & Co as the provider will be called “the company”.

The following “Terms and Conditions” apply to all participants and activities that Senna & Co may provide:


§ 1 Conclusion of agreement/booking

1.1.  Booking a trip is done via Senna & Co’s website. The information, terms and conditions of Senna & Co’s website are binding between Senna & Co and the customer when the deposit and / or the full price of the trip are timely paid. Upon payment, the customer is required to have accepted the terms on the website for the trip. 

1.2. Only when the total payment is approved Senna & Co confirms the travel to the traveler’s email address.

1.3. Senna & Co notes that a valid travel insurance and accident insurance is a condition for participating in the company’s  travel. The insurance must cover any costs of treatment and repatriation  in case of accident or illness to the extent that the health card does not. Senna and Co are not responsible for missing or invalid travel insurance. If the customer has not obtained these insurance policies before the journey begins, Senna & Co can not in any way help with home transport or cover expenses incurred by the customer.

1.4. The name of the participant, which is registered upon registration, is considered as the owner of the trip.

1.5. The name must always match the passport and must always contain a minimum of a first and last name.

§ 2 Price for activities

2.1. The activity price includes accommodation, rental of equipment, tour plans, tour guide and catering, as described on Senna & Co’s website. F1 activities also include the best possible F1 tickets for 4 days and transport as agreed upon. 

2.2. Transport to the starting location of the activity is not included in the price of the trip.

2.3. Expenses for passports, visas, vaccinations, insurance and the like are not included in the price and the responsibility for these is the customer himself. Further reference is made to section 8.

2.4. Extraordinary hotel facilities such as hot tub, etc. is usually not included in the price of the trip, and it is expected that some hotels will charge rental for WIFI internet, etc.

2.5. Senna & Co does its utmost to ensure that technical errors do not arise in the company’s pricing, but reserves the right to terminate a travel due to typo and / or typographical errors.

§ 3 Payment, price changes etc.

3.1. For all travelers, the deposit amounts to DKK 3,000.00. The deposit must be paid at the time of registration of a trip. Payment of the remaining balance must reach Senna & Co within 45 days prior to travel. If registration of a trip is made within 45 days before the journey, the total price of the trip must be paid.

3.2. If payment conditions are not met, Senna & Co has the right to cancel the trip without further notice.

3.3. The price of the trip is calculated based on applicable tariffs, taxes and exchange rates. Senna & Co reserves the right to make such price changes before the departure date due to changes in taxes, fees or fees or exchange rates used to calculate the price of that trip. This also applies, even if the trip has been prepaid.

3.4. If the price of the trip is increased by more than 8%, the customer is entitled to cancel the trip and will be refunded the prepaid amount. However, it is a condition that the cancellation is notified to Senna & Co. immediately after the customer has been informed of the price increase.

3.5. If taxes or charges, etc. directly charged to Senna & Co, which are recognized in the price of the trip, are reduced or lapse with effect before the travel date, Senna & Co is obliged to reimburse the customer the amount saved if it exceeds DKK 100.- per. traveler involved. The customer must be informed of any price increases as soon as possible and no later than 20 days before the travel date by written notice to the address given at the invoice or later by the customer.

§ 4 Senna & Co’s special conditions for MC-travels

4.1. When booking a MC activity, MC, helmet, theft protection, unlimited mileage, mechanical breakdown assistance, and liability insurance on the vehicle are included. You can not cancel or change in what’s been ordered.

4.2. Senna & Co’s MC activities do not include accident insurance or travel insurance, which the customer himself has to draw before departure. The customer informs about these insurance policies to Senna & Co by completing the registration form on the company’s website.

4.3. The customer is obliged to have the proper driver’s license to hire an MC in the particular country of travel. Additionally, the customer is obliged to comply with the terms of the lease provided by the MC-leaser to the customer. Senna & Co has no liability for defects in the rented MC and cannot be held liable for accident, death, etc.

4.4. Refunds or changes to the booked hotel are usually possible at extra cost. Any extra charges are paid by the customer.

4.5. Senna & Co makes reservations that all MCs are rented for the desired travel period, so the booked trip is only finally accepted and can be completed when Senna & Co has confirmed this to the customer. When booking, a deposit of DKK 3,000.00 of the total price of the trip is paid, cf. point 3.1. Other conditions in sections 1-9 apply.

§ 5 Senna & Co’s special conditions for F1-travels

5.1. When booking an F1 activity, F1 tickets are included, so you can not cancel or change the order.

5.2. The ticket is a valuable document and must be stored securely by the customer throughout the F1 activity.

5.3. Senna & Co reserves are not liable for sold out F1 tickets, so the booked trip is only finally accepted and can be made when Senna & Co pr. mail has confirmed this to the customer. When booking, a deposit of DKK 3,000.00 of the total price of the trip is paid, cf. point 3.1. Other conditions in sections 1-9 apply.

5.4. Senna & Co’s F1 activities do not include accident insurance or travel insurance, which the customer himself has to draw before departure. The customer informs about these insurance policies to Senna & Co by completing the registration form on the company’s website.

§ 6 Change and cancellation before activity start

Company Relationship

6.1 Senna & Co has the right to change or cancel the trip on the following terms: If Senna & Co decides to cancel the trip before departure, the customer must be informed as soon as possible. The same applies if, before departure, it appears that the company will not be able to deliver the agreed services or that the services will be of lesser quality than agreed upon.

6.2. If a change causes the trips economic value to be lessen, the customer is entitled to receive a reduction in the price corresponding to the impairment. This does not apply, however, to changes or irregularities which are generally considered to be trivial.

6.3. At the same time as the company informs the customer of the cancellation or change, the customer must be informed of the powers that the customer has and how the customer should relate. In the event that Senna & Co cancel the trip due to no fault of the traveler, the customer has the right to terminate the travel agreement and to be reimbursed the full amount.

 6.4. However, the customer does not have the above powers if the cancellation is due to the fact that the number of bookings 3 weeks before the start of the activity is less than 6 persons. In this case, the customer must be informed immediately. Via email about cancellation.

6.5. If the customer suffers financial loss as a result of the travel agency’s changes or as a result of the cancellation of the trip, the customer is entitled to compensation in accordance with ordinary compensation rules, unless the cancellation or failure is due to:

1.     the number of registered travelers for the trip is less than the minimum stated above and the written notice has arrived to the customer no later than 3 weeks before the start of the activity,

2.     the customer’s own circumstances,

3.     an unauthorized third party or outside circumstances (force majeure) that could not have been foreseen at the conclusion of the agreement or been avoided or remedied by the company or someone for which the company it is responsible.

6.6. The customer is also entitled to compensation if the company has guaranteed certain characteristics of the trip, and these cannot subsequently be delivered.

6.7. If the customer makes a claim, the customer must notify Senna & Co of this within a reasonable time after the customer has been informed of the change or cancellation. If the customer does not do this, the right to a claim will expire. A reasonable period is, unless otherwise stated, 3 weeks after receipt of a change notice.

The customers circumstances:

1) Cancellation

6.8. Senna & Co sets the rules for the consequences of the customer’s cancellation of the purchased trip; including that any refund to the customer is reduced or lapsed the closer to the departure, the cancellation takes place. The customer must be informed of such terms at the latest at the conclusion of the travel agreement. For example, by specifying the travel document or by reference to the special provisions that are provided as a supplement together with the general terms and conditions.

6.9. The customer can cancel his trip if within a period of 30 days prior to the commencement of the trip or in the immediate vicinity of it, acts of war, natural disasters, life-threatening, contagious diseases or other similar events occurring present a certain danger to the traveler’s life or premiere occurs.

6.10. If the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the State Serum Institute or any other corresponding competent authority discourages travel to the area concerned during the current trip period, the conditions for cancellation will normally be deemed to be met. In addition, the conditions for the customer’s cancellation right will, in principle, be deemed to be met if the event in question is otherwise adequately documented in a sufficiently objective manner.

6.11. The cancellation right cannot be invoked if the customer was aware of the event or the event is commonly known at the time of the agreement. In case of the customers cancellation due to the valid listed events, the customer is entitled to repayment of the full amount under the agreement.

6.12. Individual trips cannot be refunded upon cancellation. However, it is possible for the customer to get security via a cancellation insurance with an insurance company. This must be done while booking the trip and the cancellation insurance is valid according to the insurance company’s terms.

2) Transfer of the trip

6.13. If the customer wishes to transfer the trip to another that meets all the conditions for taking part on the trip, an amendment fee of DKK 1,000,- must be paid. However, it is required that Senna & Co is notified as soon as possible after the transfer and in any case before travel start. Customers are both liable for payment of the trip. The transfer has not taken place until Senna & Co has confirmed it in writing.

§ 7 Senna & Co’s duties and responsibilities after activity start

7.1. Senna & Co is required to complete the trip in accordance with the description on the company’s website. Senna & Co’s obligation applies to all services included in the agreement, including those provided by a third party. Senna & Co may, however, change the information on the website before signing up if the customer is immediately and clearly informed of the changes.

7.2. If there are special agreements between Senna & Co and the customer that differ from the terms stated on the website, these are only valid to the extent that they can be clearly documented.

7.3. There may be an insufficiency with the trip if the customer does not receive the services appearing on the company’s website and / or special agreements with the company. There is also a shortcoming if the company’s services are of lesser quality than the agreed or insured.

7.4. Irregularities, which is commonly must be deemed as trivial, are not considered to be deficiencies.

7.5. Nor is it considered to a deficiency if the weather and temperature conditions at the place of destination differ from the usual, as well as circumstances which are mainly due to the customer’s own negligence, which also is not regarded as a lack of travel.

7.6. If the journey is inadequate, Senna & Co has the right and duty to seek a claimed fault remedied as soon as possible, unless this will cause Senna & Co disproportionate costs or significant disadvantages. If remediation is not required, cf. above, or if Senna & Co does not remedy the defect within a reasonable time, the customer is entitled to a relative discount in the price.

7.7. If Senna & Co offers remedies, the Customer may not demand a partial refusal or cancellation of the Agreement if the remedy is made within a reasonable time and without cost or significant disadvantage to the Customer.

7.8. If a significant part of the agreed services cannot be delivered, or if the trip with deficiencies, which means that the agreed purpose of the activity is substantially lost, the customer can cancel the agreement. In such case, the Customer shall immediately inform Senna & Co of this. If the customer cancels the agreement, Senna & Co shall refund the full amount paid under the agreement. However, Senna & Co may receive a reimbursement that corresponds to the value that the travel is supposed to have had for the customer.

7.9. If the customer suffers a financial loss due to the fact that the trip is inadequate, the customer is entitled to compensation from Senna & Co unless the defect is due to an unauthorized third party and could not be expected with due care at the conclusion of the agreement or be avoided by the company or anyone, the company is responsible for.

7.10. Senna & Co is also not liable if the cancellation or failure is due to external circumstances for which the company or someone that the company is responsible for, could not have anticipated at the conclusion of the agreement or have avoided or mitigated (force majeure) with due care.

7.11. Senna & Co does not compensate for any inconvenience due to supply failures in hotels, including temporary interruptions of eg. hot water, heating and air conditioning. There are also no substitutes for swimming pools and the like, facilities temporarily in use due to necessary repairs or maintenance work. Finally Senna & Co disclaims any responsibility for information contained in hotels or rental companies’ own brochures, websites, etc.

7.12. The customer is responsible for the collected valuables and money as well as the storage of these during the holiday. The company is not responsible for valuables that are missing from the hotel’s deposit boxes or the like.

§ 8 Obligations and responsibilities of the participant

8.1. The customer is obliged to follow the directions for the completion of the trip, such as Senna & Co or its representative, etc. sets. The customer must respect the rules of the law that are laid down for driving, accommodation in hotels, the traffic among very large crowds, etc. Violent or repeated violation of this may lead to expulsion so that the participant’s further voyage is canceled immediately. The customer is then required to get home transportation on his own initiative and at his own expense.

8.2. The customer must be able to take care of himself or travel with someone who can assist with personal assistance if required.

8.3. The customer is liable in accordance with ordinary compensation rules for damage caused by property belonging to other participants, the company, the company’s guides, hotel, etc.

8.4. The customer is responsible for having a valid passport, visa, entry permit and any vaccinations. A good rule of thumb is that the passport should always be valid at least 6 months after returning home.

Kunden er ansvarlig for at have gyldigt pas, visum, indrejsetilladelse og eventuelle vaccinationer. Som udgangspunkt bør passet altid gælde mindst 6 måneder efter hjemkomst.

8.5. Information beyond what is provided by Senna & Co, is available at the Embassy or Consulate of the country concerned and at the Serum Institute. Foreign nationals must contact their respective embassies and the Serum Institute, where they can get information about the demands made on their nationals. Senna & Co can not be held liable for any costs that may be caused by the driver.

8.6. The customer must take care of all oexpenses incurred due to deficiencies in the above formalities, unless the defect is due to misstatement by Senna & Co.

8.7. The Customer is also responsible for any consequences of illness, accident and the like. during the trip, and it is the responsibility of the customer to incur expenses for medical care, hospital stays, special home transport, etc.

8.8. The customer is responsible for his own luggage and its suitability for bus transport, MC transport etc.

§ 9 Complaints

9.1. Any complaints must be made against Senna & Co’s local representative for reasonable remedies within a reasonable time after the traveler has discovered the defect. Failure to do so will normally result in loss of the right to claim compensation or compensation later. However, this does not apply if Senna & Co has acted in violation of normal honesty or gross negligence or if the claim is due to damage to the traveler’s person.

9.2. If the customer does not immediately advertise, as described above, the customer loses the right to a subsequent compensation, cf. pakkerejselovens paragraph 26. Complaints about errors or deficiencies that could not be addressed on the trip must be submitted to Senna & Co in writing no later than 2 weeks after the end of the trip. For individual trips, the customer must contact Senna & Co. directly.

9.3. Forgotten objects must be  reported immediately after returning home. To cover costs (administration, shipping, etc.) upon request, Senna & Co may charge a special fee, regardless of whether the requested item is provided or not. Furthermore, Danish law must regulate any claim raised against Senna & Co. If the parties cannot reach agreement on the trip, the case may be submitted to the Pakkerejse-Ankenævnet, Røjelskær 11, 2840 Holte, www.info@pakkerejseankenaevnet.dk whose decision Senna & Co is obliged to follow.

9.4. An alternative to submitting a complaint directly to the Pakkerejse-Ankenævnet is to send the complaint via the Online Platform. The online platform is a common entry portal in the EU for consumers and businesses who want to settle disputes arising from online sales. The platform identifies the competent appeal body and transfers the complaint to the Pakkerejse-Ankenævnet, etc. package tours or to the Konkurrence- og Forbrugerstyrelsen concerning airline tickets or accommodation. The online platform’s website is http://ec.europa.eu/odr. Finally, the case may be brought before a court or by arbitration in Denmark.

9.5. Senna & Co is forced to express reservations to printing errors and changes.